Healthy Living

"I found that by doing a little exercise I felt ‘smarter’ and happier"

Healthy Living and Cognitive Function

If you are experiencing cognitive changes, these changes may not necessarily be due to the MS but may be caused by the following factors:

If, however, these changes are due to the MS, it is important to be aware that all these factors can worsen any cognitive changes, which is why it is so vital to think about living healthily.


Fatigue is a common symptom of MS and it can affect both mental (cognitive) and physical function.



Being stressed has a significant impact on cognition - whether a person has MS or not.


Calm Breathing

Download some breathing exercises for you to try, and find out why calm breathing can help.

Low mood

This can be common in MS.



Look at your sleep pattern – is it a problem? Here are some strategies for helping with a good night’s sleep:


Healthy eating

A healthy diet = a healthy brain!

Healthy brain diet

Find out what makes a healthy diet for you and your brain


This affects the central nervous system and can worsen MS symptoms including cognition.

The human brain is dependent on the lifestyle of the person who owns it - so it is important to have a healthy lifestyle. That includes the way your drink alcohol and the amount you drink! Alcohol can destroy brain cells, so drinking a lot means a lot of brain cells will be killed. Maybe you might choose to only drink alcohol on special occasions, maybe a glass of wine at the weekend or with a meal during the week. It is a choice, your choice, but think about making a healthy brain choice!!


Exercise is important for keeping healthy, it can also lift mood and relieve stress, in turn helping with cognition. Try to stay active, and if you are unsure what exercises you can do, Physiotherapists can suggest exercises that take MS symptoms into account.

Speak to your GP before starting a new exercise program. If you are planning exercise, remember: